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What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual Assistant is a person who does a variety of jobs for his/her clients from dealing in sales to handling accounts etc. while working remotely.

Most virtual assistants have years of experience in the field like assistant manager or office manager. However, nowadays new opportunities are being opened for people who have less experience but have transferable skills.

What Virtual Assistant do?

Here are some of the duties of a virtual assistant:

    1. General admin work: This work includes general work in a company like handling phone calls, writing emails to clients, handling objections, managing a calendar and some other tasks as well according to the type of company.

    1. Handling accounts: Hiring an accountant could be too expensive for a small business. Hence, they hire virtual assistants to manage their accounts and do some other work, but a person must have expertise in accounts in order to get this job.

    1. Managing social accounts: Another work for VA is to handle the social media account of a person. This job includes replying to queries and replying to comments in a post. If the person knows how to use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, he/she could also get a job like making posts for a company.

    1. Billing and sending invoices: Making a bill and sending invoices to clients is a hectic task that most companies are tired of. Thus, they hire VAs for this job. The work of a VA is to make bills, send them to clients and record them on the accounts when the transaction is completed.

    1. Website Management: Virtual Assistants are often given tasks to manage the websites and make some basic updates also posting articles to the website. You might need skills to use WordPress and SEO to shine here.

How much Virtual Assistant earn?

Independent Virtual Assistant have a wide range of salaries and pays. Basically, it depends on what work our client gives you. The money may be as low as $7.25 and as high as $40.90 depending upon the work. For example, if your work is related to data entry the salary will vary from $7 to $15. While if your job is to handle the clients’ objections or write emails to clients it may go up to $30 to $40 (also depending upon conversions).

In the USA, an average Virtual Assistant makes around $20 per hour. However, You can also do a job worldwide in many expensive cities. As they will pay higher money for the same work.

What are the most in-demand jobs for VAs?

Cold Calling

Call Calling is basically making phone calls to potential clients and making them offer on behalf of the company. It is trying them and making them interested in the product or services. For this job have to call a person who didn’t have any interest in the product in past. This term is widely used in insurance companies where a person has to follow a sales script and the purpose is to sell or make them attend a demo call.

Content Creation

Content creation means knowing how to make posts for Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platforms. For this, a person must have knowledge about how to make attractive posts and also how to get engagement on them. Every company and business need different kind of posts or posts of different styles so you need to take that into account. Learn more

Taking customer calls

Taking customer calls means you have to resolve the query of customers or any problems he/she is facing. For this, you need to have good communication skills and the ability to resolve the problem on your feet. sometimes you might need to route the call to the correct person in order to resolve the problem.

Where to find virtual assistant jobs?

There are many ways by which you can find jobs. Nowadays, there is a lot of traffic on freelancing websites where one can find jobs. Basically, freelancing websites work as intermediaries for companies and employees.

You can join them by making your profile on these websites by giving some details about your experience, skills or any other specific details. After this, you may ask them to have a video conference by which they can also assess your qualification.

Is Virtual Assistance a good career?

With a high demand for work from home, Virtual Assistant is a good career by which a person can earn a lot from home. Also, the work of a VA will grant you flexibility and freedom which can not be found anywhere.

Can a person become a Virtual Assistant without any experience?

Yes, definitely a person can surely become a VA without any past experience but on the merit of his skills. In some cases, even more than the experienced ones. For this, a person must have good skills like design, negotiations or sales.

How to hire a virtual assistant?

Hiring a virtual assistant is very easy, with the upcoming freelancing websites you can make a profile on any website and ask for resumes or even bid on any nay specific price.

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