The Sky Warden: An Agricultural Plane Transformed into an Attack Aircraft for US Special Forces

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The Sky Warden: Transforming an Agricultural Plane into an Attack Aircraft for Special Forces”

The Sky Warden is a modified version of the AT-802 agricultural aircraft, equipped with weaponry. This enhancement allows the aircraft to carry multiple sensors and a combat payload of up to 2,700 kg, all while maintaining a low operational cost.

Designed to support “irregular warfare” aerial operations, the aircraft will serve the special forces of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps. Its roles will encompass ground target strikes, reconnaissance missions, and advanced air control tasks.

Under the terms of the contract, an initial production run of 75 aircraft is slated to commence in 2023. The assembly process will commence at the Air Tractor facility in Olney, Texas, and culminate at the L3Harris industrial unit in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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