How to get your first client for SMMA?

How to get your first client for SMMA?

How to get your first client for SMMA? Well, there are many techniques you can do to have your first client Onboard for your SMMA agency. Some of them which have the most success are Cold Emailing, Cold calling, Running Ads, Referrals, Social DMs etc.

1. Email Outreach Method to get clients for SMMA

This is the best method that most young enterpreneurs use to get their first SMMA client. But, does it still work? The answer is Yes. You can get clients by sending emails to your customers. However, most of you donot know how to get E-mails of your clients and if know you donot know how to get them in bulk. Give me opportunity to answer this.

How to Get Emails of your prospectus in SMMA?

So, there are many strategies that are used by SMMA agency owners like buying emails, collecting them from websites etc. The one I like is by going to google maps and searching for them. Here’s how it’s done…

  1. Let’s assume your agency specialises in working with dentists. If you do not know why selecting a niche is important then CLICK HERE.
  2. Ok now, go to google maps and search for dentists in your targeted area like AMERICA, CANADA or any country.
how to get your first smma client

3. Now you have list of all the dentists in ohio who are their in ohio.
4. Now you can scrape all these dentists and get their E-mails. There are many scrappers in the market but most preferred are and data miner.
5. Make a list of all these emails. BUT DONOT START THEM SENDING MESSAGES.

TIP : You should take a list of 1000 top cities of a country and after scraping all of them you should go to smaller cities.

Verify the Emails

If you have done scraping all the  email, it is very important to verify them all by using software like neverbounce (its paid) or you can also use free one they also provide decent support.

Why should you verify all the E-mails? If you donot verify the emails there’s a high chance that you get banned on all the platforms like google, yahoo and outlook.

The Biggest Question ?

What to send /Type to get Client Fast

f you are also confused that what to send them, what to write ? Here’s the thing!

You can say:


I am getting a lot of (Problem) and donot dentists in near area to send them.

Reply with a Quick “Yes” with your best phone number if you can handle (service name).

Reply with Quick “NO” if you want to be taken out of the list.

(Your name)

You should write the name of service your clients gives in the subject.

You can use this template but its better if you innovate them.

How many E-mails should you send?

I cannot stress enough but when it comes to E-mails QUANTITY is te KEY to get your first client. Send at least 1000 of E-mail per day. Donot expect to get client by sending 10 emails and waitng for their reply. To make this all automatic you should hire a VA. If you donot know what a VA do CLICK HERE.

Last step: Take follow-ups

This is the last step but is very imporatant step to get smma clients because most of the agencies also get their clients business after taking follow-ups.

But, Why? This is because if most of the time they will not see you. You should be on the top of the list. Send 4-5 followUps of your clients before giving them status of bad lead.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Your email outreach message should be personalized (It’s not scalable ), concise, and value-driven. Introduce yourself and your agency, explain how you can help the recipient achieve their social media marketing goals, and highlight any relevant past successes or case studies.

To avoid being marked as spam, ensure that your emails are relevant and personalized. Avoid using excessive promotional language and spammy phrases. Also, make sure to comply with anti-spam laws and include an easy opt-out option in your emails.

The number of follow-up emails depends on your judgment and the nature of your outreach. Generally, two or three follow-ups spaced a few days apart are common. Be polite and professional in your follow-ups, reminding the recipient of your previous email and emphasizing the value you offer.

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