Can I start SMMA with no money?

how to start smma with no money

There are many business model which require a lot of money and experience to start and even then doesnot gaurantee success but in SMMA you do not need any money nor experience.

Here's step-by-step guide to start Smma with no money (from $0 to $10000)

1. Setting up an E-mail

It is always advisable to start a business with minimum investment. So, basically in the initial step you have to make step up a gmail account. For example, If you want to deliver services to E-commerce brand or anything you can start with any name you like. Let’s say or anything like that.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Also check it if its domain is available or not because you will also have to open a website for your agency.

2. Setting up a Website

Clickfunnels is a great website for build a website especially for the agency owners but for start you can use any free website builder tool like to make your website. 

An Important thing to keep in mind is that you are not a website agency. YOU ARE SMMA. FOCUS on sales. Most agency make their website really good but donot have conversions.

3. Make your social presence

Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin are the best platforms for reaching to clients. Make a professional business account on these platforms by using againa free software to make great posts.

I personally recommend Cold calls, looms as well

4. Setup a payment method

Now you have look for 2 things:

1. Security
2. Easy 

I personally recommend to make a STRIPE account which is very secure and easy to use.

4. Now, How you deliver services?

Either you can learn from courses or youtube but you donot want to learn these things you can simply hire freelancer to do your work.
It has 2 main benefits:

1. Gives you more time for sales
2. Freelancers have more experience thus gives better results.

Bonus Tip for you !

Hire a VA !

Not every agency will tell this but on the intial stage, the first thing you should invest upon should be hiring a VA. Don’t Know What’s a VA. Click here

Basically make VA to send Emails and DMs for you this will save time but I highly recommend you to check my article once it will give a good knowledge. Like where to hire.

To get any help in opening SMMA you can contact on: Digital Bee

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